Where Will I Go for Dinner in Dublin

Where Will I Go for Dinner in Dublin?

Good question. Where will you go for dinner in Dublin? Here’s 5 ideas to get your tummies thinking. And a few more for good measure…food-salad-healthy-lunch

Saba always has an atmosphere and nice food…but not always a table. If you’ve got your Asian Fusion belly on, you better get planning. Great for vegetarians and vegans too, so everyone’s happy.


Umi will answer all your Falafel wishes – offering all kinds of falafel from Lebanese to Palestinian, falafel plates as well as salads and superjuices. Eat in or out – the service is great but the chairs aren’t particularly comfortable unless you’ve done your yoga to prepare for crouching on stools. Did I mention it’s all vegetarian? Of course I didn’t – it’s delicious, who cares.


In the mood for Mexican but want somewhere more comfortable than your standard burrito bar? Head to Cactus Jacks for a great Mexican feed. It’s located in the Italian quarter, so if you change your mind there’s plenty of other choice to whet your appetite.


If you know how to navigate your way around a tapas menu (hint – hungry friends needed!), or if you like paella, or if you like board games, Havana tapas bar is for you. You might hear it described as a ‘relaxed’ atmosphere. In my experience it has a buzz and can be quite packed. Don’t forget, tapas go best with mojitos.

€8 – 25

It may be 2017 but it’s still okay to just want a good Italian. Luigi Malone has carved its reputation over years, and has pizza and pasta just like your Irish Mammy probably never used to make.


Bobos, GBK, Bunsen, JoBurger; there’s an abundance of choice when it comes to dining al burger in Dublin. My personal fave is The Counter Burger, with its questionnaire style menus that mean you get to choose every precise detail of your meal without fear of enraging chefs and getting sneeze meals. Even the veggie burger is good.

*Quality Assurance: I was not paid by, or given any commission or incentive to write about any of these restaurants. I recommend them because I like them. Pure, plain, simple.

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