Doping Culture: What’s really going on in athletics?

An ARD documentary outing systemic doping in Russia, a WADA report to back it up, a BBC documentary investigating micro-dosing. Just what is going on in the world of athletics? … More Doping Culture: What’s really going on in athletics?


The Millennial There is a breed of thought that says good things come to those who work their asses off. Want to be an actor? A writer? An artist? Live in a bedbug ridden apartment, wait tables full-time, and build your dream when you should be sleeping. Want to be a professional sportsperson? Give up … More Millennial-cholia

Gold for Loughnane, Russians Suspended

A proud day for Olive Loughnane as she looks become World Champion. Five Russian Race Walkers were banned today by the Russian Anti-Doping Agency. Among them, Olga Kaniskina who stole the gold from Loughnane at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin. If confirmed, Loughnane will become Ireland’s second race-walk World Champion and the fourth Irish … More Gold for Loughnane, Russians Suspended


In running (athletics), as a rule, we only notice the people who are ahead of us. We spend our lives staring at their backs, trying to cling onto them, becoming all too well acquainted with the swing of their ponytail, the label sticking out of their singlet, or the spark of their spikes as they kick … More Heroes