Review: Ailbhe Reddy EP Launch: Hollowed Out Sea: Odessa

Review of Ailbhe Reddy’s EP launch in Odessa in Dublin … More Review: Ailbhe Reddy EP Launch: Hollowed Out Sea: Odessa


Review: Whiplash

Whiplash brings to life the myth of the unhinged music director and his tyrannical regime. Anyone who has been involved in music ensembles, or who has known musicians, has come across some shade of Terence Fletcher – the nazi-esque conductor of a Shaffer jazz ensemble, played frighteningly well by J.K. Simmons. But this film takes … More Review: Whiplash

Review: Wild

What’s not to love about the new craze of struggle-strength-and-redemption stories that have found their way into cinema? We’re all mad for inspiration, fitspiration, if you can believe it you can achieve it, be your best self, live every moment as if it’s your last, only god can judge, haters be hating, quitters gonna quit, … More Review: Wild

Review: Birdman

I risk nothing by writing this. This is something Birdman makes clear: the critic risks nothing. But I’ll proceed, tongue in cheek, and see what happens. Riggan Thomas, formerly iconic superhero ‘The Birdman’, is a washed up, possibly schizophrenic, possibly magical, actor attempting to reinvent himself by directing and starring in his own adaptation of … More Review: Birdman

Review: The Thing About December – Dónal Ryan

Dónal Ryan’s second novel, The Thing About December was written before his first, and you certainly get a sense of an artist bursting at the seams. The novel is brimming with sentences that sparkle – the kind of observations you imagine were jotted quickly in a notebook somewhere, sometime, and have waited impatiently for their … More Review: The Thing About December – Dónal Ryan

Review: Unbroken

At the age of 19, Louis Zamperini competes in his first Olympics. He comes 8th in the 5000m, with a firey 56 second final lap. The world is his oyster and he dreams of the Tokyo Olympics where he will be a seasoned athlete and have a real chance of medalling. Cue the war. Cue … More Review: Unbroken